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Educating tomorrow's leaders today!!!

Great Expectations Learning Center


Great Expectations Learning Center is a Florida Corporation, established in 2010 and licensed by the Department of Children & Families of the State of Florida to operate as a Child Care Center, as well as being registered with the Florida Department of Education to operate as a private K-12 school. The purpose of the Center is to provide a superior quality pre-school and early childhood development program serving children from two months to twelve years of age, as well as to provide out-of-school services for school-aged-children (before/after school care, summer, winter, spring camps, school holidays). Our Center has been accredited by APPLE and we are holders of the Gold Seal Certification.


The Mission Statement of Great Expectations Learning Center is to provide educational opportunities to ALL children in an environment where each child’s abilities, competencies, and natural aptitudes, are nurtured in ways that develop new and inherent talents.


Our center’s perspective of education is based on life experiences, reflective of education taking place in the world of a person, no matter who, and not just in the classroom. We consider children students of the world as it changes and evolves, thus we would like to get our students ready to adapt and change accordingly. We believe every child to be special, a unique entity with a wealth of knowledge to tap into. It is our objective to provide our children with challenging opportunities to develop physically, intellectually, socially and emotionally to the best of their capacity. We are firm believers in the future and as such would like to educate the leaders of tomorrow today. With this in mind, we would like the honor to be entrusted with your most precious treasure. Let us mold your diamond in the rough, let us uncover its many facets and let us polish it to allow light to shine through.

Our curriculum encompasses problem solving, critical thinking and creative activities. We are committed to providing sensory, concrete, and hands-on learning experiences tailor-made to accommodate each child’s learning style, and developmental level. Our classrooms are designed to encourage curiosity, exploration and investigation. We are committed to having a positive impact in your child’s life and would love the chance of working with your family in a long-lasting partnership of love, caring and nurturing.

Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.


-To create a setting in which children will find warmth, comfort, and nurturing, as well as an abundance of opportunities for movement, exploration, and self-discovery according to individual needs, interests, and abilities.

-To assist each child to grow to his fullest potential by recognizing each stage of development and fashioning an environment (i.e. curriculum, facilities, staff) designed to nurture and facilitate growth during each stage.

-To help children achieve independence, self-discipline, social competence, self-knowledge, enthusiasm for learning, positive attitudes, intellectual growth, and an organized approach to problem solving.

-To promote all skills needed to achieve school readiness and early literacy.

-To assist parents in understanding the developmental stage of their child, enabling them to contribute most effectively to the child's growth and enrichment.


Great Expectations Learning Center employs loving teachers who have credentials in Early Childhood Education and have been specifically trained in delivering an age appropriate curriculum. Our teachers are bilingual and have extensive knowledge in early childhood education and young children's needs.


There will be an annual registration fee of $100.00 per child. This fee will secure placement for your child and will cover application costs; this is payable prior to the first day of child’s attendance to school. Registration should be paid every fall, upon commencement of the school year to secure placement.

Additionally, there will be an annual ‘materials fee’ of $35.00 per child. This fee will cover all expenses related to any art supplies used by the student during the school year. Materials should be paid for every fall, upon commencement of the school year.

To register a child you will need the following: registration application, original health records, copy of birth certificate, registration fee, and materials fee. These documents should be turned in to the office prior to the child’s first day of attendance.


Full tuition payment for the week is expected every Monday, prior to dropping the child to class. Any payment made after Monday will be assessed a $25.00 late fee. Payments can be made in cash, money orders, checks, debit/credit cards, online. Any returned checks will be assessed a $25.00 return fee; after this no more checks will be accepted from this family. No child will be admitted to the center on Monday if there’s any pending balance from the previous week.

Every child is admitted on a probationary status. Probationary period is 30 days after enrollment. At the end of this term parents and center staff should have a very good idea as to whether the center is the appropriate place for your child.

Parents receiving CDS funding are responsible for paying the assessed fee on Monday of every week, prior to receiving services. Failure to do so will result in the refusal of services and/or withdrawal from the Center. CDS funding covers only the hours from 7:00am-6:00pm, therefore any services provided before or after these hours will be charged to the parent on a pro-rated basis. Parents are responsible for paying any charges incurred upon due to early drop offs and/or late pick ups.

Any family who has more than one child attending our center will be given a sibling discount. Please see center director for more information.


The Center closes at 7:00pm. Any child left at the Center after closing hours will be sent to the office, where he/she will remain under adult supervision until the parent/guardian picks him/her up. However, a fee of up to $1.00/per minute will be levied against tardy parents, not to exceed $60.00. Any child left in the Center after 7:30pm will be referred to the Police Department.


Attendance to school is of utmost importance for a child to succeed. Our school day begins promptly at 8:00am and our children are expected to follow a structured schedule. Children must be in school by 8:00am if they expect to eat breakfast at the center. No child will be served breakfast after 8:15am. Moreover, no child will be admitted to the center after 9:00am unless a doctor’s note is presented.

Any child who is absent from school for five (5) or more consecutive days will be automatically withdrawn. Moreover, parents are responsible for payment of the week’s tuition, regardless of how many days the student actually attended the school. Parents will be expected to re-enroll their child (and pay for registration) if they want to bring him/her back to the center.


Although interruptions to the school day are discouraged, parents will be able to pick up their children during the school day when needed. Parents should go to the school office and sign their children out before the child is sent for by a Center representative. Under no circumstance will a child be released to a parent unless he/she has been to the office first. No parent will be allowed to retrieve children directly from the classroom.

Children will only be released to those persons authorized by the parents/legal guardians in the Child Contact Information Sheet. Anyone picking up the child should be an adult (18 years or older) who should present a valid photo identification issued by the state of Florida. In the event that parents enter into a divorce or custody agreement, copy of such document is to be presented to the Director of the Center to be placed in the student’s file.


One tuition-free week will be awarded to each student as vacation time on a yearly basis. Any other week(s) missed beyond this period of grace will be charged full tuition to secure student placement in the Center. Failure to pay tuition for any missed time will result in withdrawal from the Center.

The following is the list of twelve (12)Standard Holidays approved by the Early Learning Coalition of Miami‐Dade in concurrence with the Miami‐Dade County Department of Human Services Child Development Dept.

Holidays Closures

Labor Day

Veterans’ Day

Thanksgiving Day

Day After Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Eve Day

Christmas Day

New Year’s Eve Day

New Year’s Day

Martin Luther King’s Birthday

President’s Day

Good Friday

Memorial Day

Independence Day


Our Center keeps an open door policy. Parents are welcome to visit the Center during th e day, although we ask that interruptions are kept to a minimum. Please pass by the office to inform the staff of your presence.


It is a policy of our center to not allow children to bring any personal items of value (expensive toys/clothing/jewelry). In the event that the child brings to the Center any of these items, staff will not be responsible for their loss/damage.


Three nutritive meals will be served to our students every day (breakfast, lunch, and snack). We ask that any special dietary needs or food allergies are communicated to the school office. Monthly menus will be posted in the office’s bulletin board.


Our Center revolves around family values and as such we welcome parents to celebrate their children’s birthday at our school. We ask that you inform the office staff about your intention to have the school host your event at least forty eight (48) hours in advance in order to make schedule adjustments as needed. Birthday parties will only be hosted from 2:30-3:30pm. We ask that any snacks, cakes, edible treats, brought by the family are store-bought. Treat bags will be placed in the children’s cubbies to be taken home.


It is our belief that making mistakes, but most importantly, learning from them are intrinsic part of the learning process. Disciplinary measures are never intended to humiliate children; rather they are supposed to provide life-long lessons aimed at teaching children how to react in different situations.

At our Center, children will be disciplined as needed, but under no circumstance is corporal punishment justifiable. Above all, we shall not harm children. We shall not participate in practices that are emotionally damaging, physically harmful, disrespectful, degrading, dangerous, exploitative, or intimidating to children.

Acceptable disciplinary actions are redirection, modeling and reminding expected behavior. If needed, children will be removed from an activity for a reasonable amount of time to encourage the desired behavior. The amount of time-out is to be determined by the child’s age. No time-out is to exceed our policy of one minute per year of age (i.e.: a two year old child will be kept in time-out for no more than two minutes at a time).


Your child will be asked to stay at home if any of the following diseases becomes evident:

- Fever of 101 degrees or higher. 

- Irritability, fuzziness, wheezing. 

- Streptococcus.

- Diarrhea.

- Vomiting more than once.

- Severe rash or skin infection. 

- Ring worm.

- Chicken Pox.

- Scabies.

- Mums.

- Rubella

- Pink Eye.

- Mouth Sores.


In the event that there is a medical emergency, the Center will call 911 immediately and parents will be notified on the spot using the emergency contact number provided in the student file. Any medical expenses incurred in the process will be borne by the student’s family.


Every child (2-5 year-olds) is required to wear his/her uniform daily. Uniforms consist of blue tops (polo shirts bearing the school’s logo) and navy bottoms (shorts for the girls and shorts/pants for the boys). All students are required to wear tennis shoes; no open shoes will be allowed. Uniform bottoms can be purchased from any retailer although we encourage the use of the school’s supplier to take advantage of bulk ordering/pricing. Uniform shirts, sweaters and jackets can only be purchased through the school. Please see the Center’s Director for prices and sizes.


Field trips will be organized throughout the school year. Field trip forms will be sent home as needed for parents’ approval and signature. Field trips carry an additional charge.


Our center does not provide transportation to and from school. It is the parents’ sole responsibility to make arrangements for their child to get to and leave the center. We are not responsible for any issues concerning transportation by private school buses. In no instance will we recommend any given transportation company nor will we be made liable for any problems/disputes arising between bus companies and parents.